ZYCOM GLOBALMED partners with GlobalMed, a leader in telemedicine and medical technology products, to leverage several years of industry experience, and to provide quality services to Kenya and other African countries. Also being a leader in an industry that promotes remote communication between doctors and patients, we know that an important aspect of every conversation is listening. We listen to our customers. If you are a provider, you know what you want; just tell us, and let our design team help you identify the solutions you need to accomplish your goal. We do not believe in “One size fits all” concept. Some providers do not know where to start because they are brand new to the telemedicine technology.

GlobalMed has almost a decade-long experience in real-world applications of the telemedicine technology in the United States and world-wide, and we are prepared to share that knowledge with our potential customers in Kenya and other African countries. GlobalMed is a leading designer and manufacturer of telemedicine technology solutions and applications, and not just merely a vendor or supplier. With GlobalMed behind us, we support our products and services, and provide industry-leading support, training and warranties. All you need is to make only one call for support, and we will never tell you to call anyone else. Our equipments come with one-year warranties, and we offer extended warranties at reasonable prices.

GlobalMed mobile telemedicine carts are original designs with the peripherals integrated. Equipments for your practice are fully-assembled and delivered. We offer retractable cable reels so there are no stray cords to trip over and all cables are labeled. The carts feature an anti-microbial work surface with a comfortable work space, a five wheel star-base that makes them safe and easy to move on carpeting and over thresholds. Because telemedicine technology will be a new element you are adding to your practice or facility, we provide training to you and your staff to enable efficient application of this new technology. For your convenience, we offer onsite, online, as well as group training at our training center.