Telemedicine Defined

Telemedicine brings access to quality and specialized healthcare to areas by enabling medical practitioners and professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely using the latest telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows patients to receive expert medical healthcare without having to travel. Healthcare practitioners can use telemedicine equipments and products to capture and transmit medical data and images to peers and specialists whenever necessary, allowing for cost-efficient expert consultations and improved patient care

ZYCOM GLOBALMED Ltd in partnership with GlobalMed, offer a variety of telemedicine products, which uses state-of-the-art innovation and the latest medical technology, including cameras, peripherals, scopes, software and mobile medical carts. From diagnostic imaging devices, electronic stethoscopes and portable EKG machines, to medical software to fully equipped telemedicine carts, our mission is to create telemedicine equipment solution that matches the unique needs of each client

Use of telemedicine devices, once a novelty, is now standard medical practice in daily use throughout the world. To learn more about this technological innovation and breakthrough in medical technology, call us today