Rural Healthcare Application

In most cases rural healthcare patients in need of specialist attention must travel to urban areas or make appointment with a visiting specialist. Typically, the appointment is weeks or months in the future. ZYCOM GLOBALMED offers telemedicine technology solutions that help rural primary care providers, clinics and hospitals connect patients with specialists in the urban areas or globally real time without the inconvenient wait or travel.


  • Reduce possibilities of patient transfers with the ability to consult with specialists where they practice in real time and remain in the patient’s “Medical Home” using any number of ZYCOM GLOBALMED’s multiple telemedicine configurations.
  • Remain involved and in the loop about your patients’ treatment plan when a specialist is needed because, our products can bring all parties together at once and on an ongoing basis.
  • Rural healthcare providers and hospitals can increase revenue by decreasing the likelihood of patient transfers to urban medical centers. With ZYCOM GLOBALMED’s technology solutions, patients can receive specialty care sooner and may remain in their own community.


  • Integrated systems.
  • Scalable technologies.
  • Interoperability through open architecture.
  • Simple digital image capture and store in an EMR or PACS.
  • Cost-effective acquisition.
  • Demonstrated Return On Investment (ROI).