Our Technical Partners

ZYCOM GLOBALMED partners with GlobalMed, a United States of America corporation and leader in the manufacturing of telemedicine equipment to deploy state-of-the-art innovation in telemedicine technology to corporate, government and healthcare providers, aimed at transforming the quality of healthcare, by providing Kenyansns and other African countries access to quality and specialized healthcare services they deserve. This partnership is leveraged to offer the most progressive form of innovative and interactive equipment that will help transform healthcare delivery to both rural and urban areas.

The special software used for telemedicine technology provides database for secured electronic records of patients. ZYCOM GLOBALMED provides Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Patient’s Records (EPR) systems that allows for electronic sharing of records among medical facilities and practitioners within the network of the database. Finally, the security of this database meets the security requirements for medical records as established in the United States of America.

Furthermore, the partnership provides opportunity that enables local Kenyan and other African countries medical professionals and technicians, to be trained at Globalmed’s facility in the United States of America on telemedicine technology and all applications.

ZYCOM GLOBALMED integrates wireless fiber optic node to a network backhaul designed to deploy unlimited bandwidth, to existing fiber optic infrastructure for seamless and efficient performance of telemedicine technology solutions. Also, integration of wireless node for tower-to-tower microwave backhaul network for areas with no fiber optic access would ensure efficiency of telemedicine solutions to be deployed to both rural and urban areas