Educational Application

Whether you are an educational institution involved with direct patient treatment, education of medical students, or teaching hospitals, the ZYCOM GLOBALMED remote telemedicine technology medical education program is designed to meet your needs.


  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) has been provided via webinars for years. With the aid of ZYCOM GLOBALMED’s solutions, these meetings can now have the feel of onsite CME. Our products do not require the speaker or the class to wear headphones to interact. You can now see the speaker when they are presenting information.
  • Reduce your training and education costs by eliminating travel expenses to urban areas or outside the country with ZYCOM GLOBALMED’s telemedicine solutions.
  • Eliminate delays in digital image analysis by using ZYCOM GLOBALMED systems remotely for examination purposes.


  • Choice of monitor configurations.
  • Remote controlled pan-tilt zoom camera from the speaker’s end.
  • Echo-cancelling microphones.